Reusable Surgical STUDs

Easing Environmental Impact with Reusable Surgical STUDs

Our reusable STUDs make surgical training more eco-friendly than traditional cadaveric training while providing customization and realism.

Demands for increasingly comprehensive and immersive surgical training are growing, and with them come a host of new complications. Whether it's in faster global delivery, new preservation techniques, or the carbon footprint of PPE, each new complication and hurdle can increase the environmental costs of these surgical training labs.

As viable synthetic cadaveric alternatives gain popularity, an opportunity arises to not only eliminate the frustrating logistics, delays, and high costs of working with cadavers, but to also choose an ecologically kinder option.

Working with reusable synthetic models is one easy way organizations can cut down on negative environmental impacts.

Training surgeons to provide better medical care while “going green” is scenario where everyone – and the world around us – benefits.

A Challenge to Overcome

A customer with a “Going Green” initiative approached us about creating a reusable model to reduce overall lab and model waste. Normally when we customize a STUD with a deformity or pathology, that STUD can only be used to train that specific intended deformity. Now, the challenge was to create a STUD that could be used repeatedly for several deformities, while still providing excellent fidelity.

We needed to make a reusable base model with components the customer could add or remove as needed to authentically reproduce different deformities and anatomies. This would help them make their hands-on surgical training more eco-aware.

A Much-Needed Solution

We worked to develop a replaceable lumber model that works with our patented 3D printed bone and technologies. The model starts with a reusable spinal base that’s radiolucent and compatible with different imaging technologies. Next, we made a set of customizable lumbar spine inserts to use with the base. With these inserts, our customer could teach posterior surgical techniques on different deformities with the same complete anatomical accuracy and lifelike immersion as our regular STUDs.

Driving Results That Make an Impact

With our reusable STUD and inserts, our customer can now reduce overall model costs for future labs. They’ll save time, money, and material costs by working with just one STUD they can adjust for each of their specific training needs.

Using one model with interchangeable deformities reduces material waste. But more than that, it has a ripple effect that positively impacts shipping, storage and logistics costs – each of which comes with an ecological benefit over traditional cadaver training.

If you’d like to “go green” with your own education, research or development needs, or want to learn more about how we can customize surgical models for you, contact us today.

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