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Driving Better Care for Ortho Deformities Across the World

Identifying and understanding the various orthopedic deformities that affect individuals worldwide is of utmost importance in global healthcare. These congenital or acquired deformities can have profound implications for quality of life and well-being. By acknowledging and addressing these differences, we can provide better medical care and promote a more inclusive and empathetic society that respects the diversity of human experiences.

 Recognizing that different deformities can be regionalized across the globe, it is important to train surgeons on those specific deformities to help enhance the local population’s quality of life. With our technology, CT scans of individual patients are converted into an exact model that replicates both the boney anatomy and the soft tissues. 

A Challenge to Overcome

A SurgiSTUD customer wanted to help surgeons learn how their implants address a severe posterior tibial slope. This deformity has increased in that company’s region due to an influx of migrants from Asia. They were unable to consistently train via cadavers due to lack of availability and cost. There's no other synthetic on the market that can match our models' replicability. They turned to us and as we began the process, they provided CT scans of three patients with varying posterior slopes.  

Our goal was to create a reusable model that they could take to different surgeons in their territory. By doing so, they could demonstrate how their implant addresses the newly emerging deformity in the population. 

A Much-Needed Solution

With experience with over 190 spine deformities and a growing ortho deformity library, our engineering team has perfected converting a CT scan into a comprehensive surgical education model. Using their CT scans, we created an exact model within four weeks. Our customer showcased their implants to surgeons much faster than setting up a traditional cadaver lab or waiting for our competitors' solutions. As a result of our ability to quickly turn around custom models for our customers, numerous companies have been able to showcase implants and technologies more efficiently and effectively than ever before. 

Driving Results That Make an Impact

Since every surgery is performed on a patient with unique needs, surgical practice advances with patient-specific models that allow highly customized training. SurgiSTUD improves surgical training by allowing companies and surgeons to train on the various deformities they will encounter all over the world. 

Find out more about our patient-specific training models by contacting us.

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