SurgiSTUD Case Studies

At SurgiSTUD, we aren't just creating synthetic cadaver alternatives, we are creating unique solutions that positively impact surgical training across the globe. Take a look at how we've made an impact on our customer's medical engagements, saving precious time and money.


Reusable Surgical STUDs

Easing Environmental Impact with Reusable Surgical STUDs

Our reusable STUDs make surgical training more eco-friendly than traditional cadaveric training while providing customization and realism.

Diverse Surgical Needs

Unparalleled Custom Surgical Models for Diverse Needs

Augmented reality has become a hot topic in various industries, being utilized to better healthcare and improve patient outcomes. One facet of the industry where augmented reality is on the rise is orthopedics.

BMI Impact

Expanding Surgical Possibilities for Patients of all Body Types

Patients with high body mass index (BMI) often require different surgical approaches than patients with low BMI. Surgeons must be skilled at working on all body types, so everyone receives the care they need.

foot surgistud model

Empowering Surgeons with Better Options for Amputees

Custom amputee SurgiSTUD models allow surgeons the chance to train for prosthetic osseointegration in specific scenarios, giving them the skill sets and confidence for any OR case.  

foot surgistud model

Saving Time and Money with Synthetic Bunion Surgical Model

Discover how we helped our customers provide bunion relief through customizable surgical training models. Our synthetic foot model helped our client reduce surgical training costs by 75%.

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