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Expanding Surgical Possibilities for Patients of all Body Types

Expanding Surgical Possibilities for Patients of all Body Types

Patients with high body mass index (BMI) often require different surgical approaches than patients with low BMI. Surgeons must be skilled at working on all body types, so everyone receives the care they need.

Although schools and organizations that offer surgical training acknowledge this, they may not facilitate student learning with variable BMI cadaveric specimen. With traditional cadavers, customizability is not an option – especially in the current climate of cadaver shortages. Companies engaged in research and development also need to work with a variety of body types and face the same challenges.

A Challenge to Overcome

Our client asked us to create a full-body synthetic cadaver with a high BMI for displaying their surgical approach, patient positioning, as well as surgical equipment and instrument sets. We were eager to develop new processes to meet this need.

In addition to the high BMI (35+), the client also needed the model to be lifelike. That meant applying our existing technologies to replicate anatomy so our client’s equipment and instruments could be shown in a true-to-life OR setting.

This project allowed us to help put great tools in surgeons' hands and increase their experience and confidence when operating on high BMI patients.  

A Much-Needed Solution

We got to work by first making a cast with a live model, whose BMI index was 35+. Once we had the full body molded, we incorporated our patented bone and technologies, resulting in a unique, high-fidelity synthetic model.

SurgiSTUD models not only look realistic but also provide haptic feedback and a genuine, immersive feel. The features and feel of operating on the model set the perfect stage for our client to demonstrate their products.

The high BMI model now showcases the client’s surgical bed and patient holding equipment. Additionally, it presents their lateral approach spine toolsets and retractors within the context of a high BMI patient's surgery.

Compatible with imaging technologies, the model is also comprehensive enough for use in surgical education. Moreover, the model has no human tissue, so it can be used in any non-wet lab environment, including hotels and conference venues.

Driving Results That Make an Impact

With this project, we were able to put our technological capabilities to even broader use, thanks to our client's needs. We knew we were contributing something special to surgeons and patients with high BMI every step of the way.

As our client displays their products and technologies, more surgeons, hospital decision-makers, and researchers discover their potential and benefits for education, and ultimately helping patients. At SurgiSTUD we’re driven to positively impact lives, and we're always grateful for the chance to further surgical advancements. 

For more information on how we are transforming medical training engagements across the globe, contact us today! 

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