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Empowering Surgeons with Better Options for Amputees

Military veterans are some of the most deserving individuals. They are prepared to give everything in service to our country. In return, they deserve the best care when they return home. Catastrophic injuries that occur during military operations often lead to amputation. For anyone, this is a life changing procedure with heavy repercussions for their standard of living.

While prosthetics make it easier to live with the impacts of lower limb amputation, they aren’t perfect. Prosthetic adoption and use are entirely dependent on initial surgeries. In some cases, these prosthetics don’t integrate with the residual boney limb, leading to complications and long and painful rehabilitation. 

SurgiSTUD is working to increase amputee specific hands-on training for surgeons which allows for case-by-case training and targeting the best patient outcomes. 

A Challenge to Overcome 

Traditionally, surgeons are trained in amputation using cadavers. These not only provide logistic challenges but are also expensive. 

Our customer needed an alternative to cadaveric tissue that would allow for a full range of different surgical procedures. Specifically, they needed amputee models with custom anatomy to simulate osseointegration in a traumatic setting and they need them without the typical drawbacks of using a traditional cadaver. 

A Much-Needed Solution 

Using CT scans of selected VA patients, the SurgiSTUD team rendered specific models with traumatic amputations. The models were created with realistic bone qualities, all validated by our surgical key opinion leader for femur instrumentation and implant interaction. 

Using SurgiSTUD’s patented technology, we were able to create a model that included an authentic feel, exact anatomical features, and haptic feedback, all with the goal of better preparing surgeons for highly variable and difficult cases.

Driving Results That Make an Impact 

After early testing, our client is confident that SurgiSTUD models will be an effective training solution and will reduce initial training times of surgeons prior to participating in clinical trials regarding osseointegration.

The ability to train specific procedures with a comprehensive model is invaluable. SurgiSTUD aims to increase surgeons’ hands-on training: bettering their skillsets and increasing their competence and confidence in themselves and their toolsets. 

For more information on how we are transforming medical training engagements across the globe, contact us today! 

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