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Saving Time and Money with Synthetic Bunion Surgical Model

Discover how we helped our customers provide bunion relief through customizable surgical training models.

Bunions are common, painful, and limiting. Without surgical intervention, they can significantly reduce a patient’s quality of life.

Bunion surgery is a highly effective treatment, but patient care relies on surgeons staying current and up to date with the most effective solutions. Moreover, it’s difficult to train for bunions using traditional methods.

Historically the gold standard, cadavers don’t have a guaranteed pathology, and high costs, shortages, and long lead times prevent effective training and technique adoption.

A Challenge to Overcome

To allow surgeons to practice skills on bunions more efficiently and cost effectively, our clients asked us to create a synthetic foot model with a consistent bunion deformity.

More than a simple model, they wanted their surgeons immersed in the surgical experience. They needed a model that was true to life: that looked and felt like a real patient (including real sizing and limited working spaces).

They wanted comprehensive models with low set up time… and they needed them yesterday.

A Much-Needed Solution

In a collaborative effort, SurgiSTUD designed a model with biomechanically tested boney anatomy that featured not only key patient landmarks, but also bunion pathology and deformities.

With the potential to enhance and transform surgeon education, we knew that these models could have a downstream impact on patient standard of care. And within four months of discussing the original problem, SurgiSTUD delivered a comprehensive surgical solution.

The SurgiSTUD synthetic foot model features radiopaque boney anatomies, with radiolucent soft tissue components that engage the surgeon in a true to life surgical experience.

Driving Results That Make an Impact

Our synthetic foot model helped our client reduce surgical training costs by 75%.

But more than hard costs, the soft savings are immeasurable. The model is suitable for simple venues like hotels, offices, surgery centers and conferences since it doesn’t require lab or operating room space. There is less waste, and models can be shipped, stored, and referenced indefinitely.

Our client’s training opportunities are expected to double next year, to increase surgeon experience, opportunities, and confidence in bunion surgery. It takes on average six less weeks less time to book surgeon training with the SurgiSTUD synthetic foot model than with a cadaver in a laboratory.

Many patients will benefit from bunion surgery thanks to our client's vision and our solution to enhance surgeon education.


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