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Taking Surgical Training in Ankle Procedures to the Next Level

Surgical training in the foot and ankle sector is facing a number of challenges. In the absence of an synthetic solutions, many companies have to conduct their training with human cadavers.

Weber B Fractures

Revolutionizing SI Joint Surgery Training: A Medical Breakthrough

SI joint fusion techniques and systems have shifted in the last five years as minimally invasive surgical techniques have developed and become more popularized.

Weber B Fractures

Mastering the Complexities of Surgical Training: Weber B Fractures

The use of fibular nails is an effective treatment option for unstable ankle fractures. While a common choice of treatment, the training for using fibular nails to repair Weber B fractures can be challenging and expensive when utilizing cadaveric specimens.

How much does a cadaver cost?

What is a Cadaver? And How Much Does it Cost?

The regular use of human bodies for medical training purposes dates to the late Middle Ages and expanded during the 18th and 19th centuries.

While previous generations relied solely on donations, the costs of using human cadavers have increased over time. But what are the actual costs of a human cadaver?

Medical synthetic training device custom built

A Revolution in Surgical Education


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