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Taking Surgical Training in Ankle Procedures to the Next Level

Surgical training in the foot and ankle sector is facing a number of challenges. In the absence of an adequate synthetic solution, many companies have to conduct their training with human cadavers. Rapid growth of the foot and ankle sector and the corresponding volume of training has caused a serious shortage of specimens.surgistud ankle model

When companies use specimens, multiple issues arise revolving around: 

  • Specimen quality
  • Shipping and logistical challenges
  • High costs 

In addition, any procedure which uses patient specific technologies requires unique surgical plans for every cadaveric case.

How is this challenge being addressed?

SurgiSTUD has built out a line of foot and ankle products to address these challenges, the most recent of which is the ankle model.

The ankle model was designed with ankle arthroplasty in mind, but is adaptive enough to be used for a variety of ankle procedures, including ankle arthrodesis, syndesmosis repair, ATFL repair, deltoid repair, tibial and fibular screws and plating, and more. The ankle model can also be built out to include everything that the bunion model has to offer. So a single model can be used for a variety of hind foot, mid foot, and fore foot procedures.

Now, companies are able to train any procedure they want to target in a single model. The customer is able to eliminate the challenges associated with cadaveric training while improving quality of education. Patient specific plans can be created once and implemented consistently.

The end result? Companies that use our ankle models can increase their number of training engagements while lowering their costs.

Learn more about the various Foot and Ankle models that SurgiSTUD has to offer here.

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