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Revolutionizing SI Joint Surgery Training: A Medical Breakthrough

SI joint fusion techniques and systems have shifted in the last five years as minimally invasive surgical techniques have developed and become more popularized. While there are controversies surrounding who can perform these operations between certified neurosurgeons and certified pain interventionalists, the fact remains that surgical education is more crucial than ever.

Teaching these new techniques requires comprehensive surgical training programs that allow for direct hands-on instrumentation. While cadavers are great from an anatomical aspect, they don’t guarantee bone quality, aren’t replicable, and can be cost-prohibitive when compared to a synthetic cadaver.

When customers sought out alternatives to traditional cadavers, SurgiSTUD created solutions for these particular techniques. Collaborating closely with the customers, we designed different synthetic SI joint models to train and optimize various techniques for a wide range of surgical instrumentations and joint fusion systems.

Customers can now choose from our traditional pelvis add-ons for existing SpineSTUD models and add SI joints, anterior and posterior sacroiliac ligaments, sacrospinous ligaments, and more. All with our biomechanically tested, patented, boney technologies, and radiolucent soft tissues. With one model, surgical teams can train imaging, navigation, robotic applications, practice different fusion techniques from any surgical approach, and demonstrate needle injections.

SI joint fusions are life altering procedures. Increasing education enables surgeons to use emerging technologies with confidence to improve operation times, patient outcomes, and the overall standard of care. The SurgiSTUD SI joint models offer the opportunity to teach and train new techniques in a comprehensive surgical environment while also allowing medical device companies to expedite their research and development with rapid hands-on testing.

Contact us today for more information on our STUDs for SI Joint procedures and other spine and orthopedic ailments.

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A Revolution in Surgical Education


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