What is a Cadaver? And How Much Does it Cost?

The regular use of human bodies for medical training purposes dates to the late Middle Ages and expanded during the 18th and 19th centuries.

While previous generations relied solely on donations, the costs of using human cadavers have increased over time. But what are the actual costs of a human cadaver?

With the average cost of human cadavers starting in the thousands, it is no surprise that shortages have increased in medical training facilities across the globe. The solution for this shortage? Models that can mimic the human anatomy, like SurgiSTUD custom models.

The Main Differences Between Human Cadavers and Synthetic Models

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Advantages of SurgiSTUD Models

Besides costs, there are many advantages of using synthetic models over human cadavers including:

  • Logistical reduction in the time to coordinate and deliver a training session. Local Distributor or Sales Rep can provide training at the hospital or surgeons office. The ability to minimize transporting instruments will lower overall costs and maximize efficiency of reps.
  • Minimize time to setup training with surgeons as the need to schedule a lab or organize around the doctor’s schedule to travel or drive to a local lab after hours is no longer necessary (office or hospital).
  • Provide a consistent training platform each time to your surgeons. SurgiStud can reproduce each model the same way for each training occurrence. You’re no longer bound to guessing what the deformity, bone quality and tissue laxity the cadaver may have upon receipt.
  • No wasted specimens - if a lab is cancelled you can simply restock the SurgiStud model and use at your next training session. You can also review the specimen at a later date or do revision work, which is not possible with a cadaver.

SurgiSTUD provides realistic surgical training through models that mimic real anatomies, pathologies, and procedural environments. SurgiSTUD is on a mission to revolutionize surgical education by providing anatomically and biomechanically realistic models [that not only recreate the tactual feel of operating], but also provide exponential cost savings over existing cadaveric options.

For more information on SurgiSTUD and our solutions visit www.surgistud.com.

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