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Unparalleled Custom Surgical Models for Diverse Needs

Augmented reality has become a hot topic in various industries, being utilized to better healthcare and improve patient outcomes. One facet of the industry where augmented reality is on the rise is orthopedics.

One surgical navigation company seeking to be a pioneer in medical AR technology sought help with their 510(k) application for a mixed reality platform that would assist orthopedic surgeons with total and reverse shoulder arthroplasty. The biggest challenge? They wanted to have multiple studies and cases to back up their product and had a short timeframe and limited budget. Luckily, SurgiSTUD was there to help…

A Unique Challenge

For patients that have no deformity, the company could run tests on cadaveric specimens, but they wanted to test the software with deformities ranging from A1 all the way to D, which is not an option with specimens. In a short period of time, they needed eight different deformities modeled from patient CTs with normal and osteoporotic bone and they needed key points on the boney anatomy to match exactly.

A Unique Solution

Creating eight unique models in a short period of time is not a task most companies can handle. SurgiSTUD’s research and development team got straight to work and modeled the deformities – A1, A2, B1, B2, B3, C1, C2, D – with both normal and osteoporotic bone density.

After manufacturing, the models were CT scanned and sent to the customer so that they could create a navigation plan with their software to test with the models.

Exceeding Results That Make an Impact

The models were all shipped on time, allowing the customer the appropriate time to do their testing for the 510(k) application. Even with a short timeframe and multiple models, SurgiSTUD exceeded the customer’s expectations and saved them valuable time and money in the process.

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