Spinal Fixation

Navigating Spinal Fixation without Fluroscopy

When it comes to complex surgical procedures, preparation and precision are paramount. This is particularly true for spinal fixation operations - procedures that have little room for error.

Our customer developed an innovative navigational system for spinal fixation. They were searching for a way to teach surgeons how to use it without the costs and facility limitations of fluoroscopy.


A Challenge to Overcome

To achieve their goal, our customer requested a custom spine model with pre-drilled pedicle screw trajectories. The surgeons they work with are extremely experienced at placing pedicle screws, so practicing that was unnecessary. But finding the screws within the model without imaging would be difficult.

We have prior experience creating models with the same feature, and we were ready to put that experience to work.


A Much-Needed Solution

Using our patented 3D printing technology, we designed a high-fidelity synthetic spine model that offered a comprehensive, anatomically accurate view of the specific surgical site. Guided by the customer, we inserted the pedicle screw trajectories as requested. To allow trainees to easily find the pedicle trajectories, we inserted rods into the model during the casting phase.

These rods are easy to remove during training and give trainees a direct route to the precise locations of the pedicle screws. Because the exact routes are already present, no fluoroscopy is necessary. This saves time and money, allowing our customer to get straight to the purpose of their training, demonstrating their navigational system.


Driving Results That Make an Impact

With our custom spine model, our customer can teach surgeons how to use their product without wasting time placing or locating multiple pedicle screws. The rods we inserted at the screw sites make finding the trajectories easy without any imaging. As a result, our customer can train and demonstrate their system anywhere, not just in labs - which is not only convenient, but saves money.

The field of healthcare is constantly evolving. SurgiSTUD is committed to embracing innovations alongside our clients for improved patient outcomes, better care, and a healthier future.

Get in touch with us to discover how we can create a custom solution for your training, research, or sales needs.

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