Femoral Broach

Pre-broached Femur with Removable Femoral Head

Total hip arthroplasty (THA) relieves pain; however, THA requires precision, especially with soft tissue exposure and implant placement. We were contacted by a client with a new broach and retraction system that has the potential to improve THA surgical outcomes and be adopted by surgeons globally.

A Challenge to Overcome

Our customer needed a custom hip training model incorporating all soft tissues, with a removable femoral head and a pre-broached canal to demonstrate the significant features of their system. This unique design would allow them to demonstrate the broach's capabilities to surgeons without undergoing a surgical procedure or using a traditional cadaver and cutting bone. We were prepared to take on the challenge to create a new model that would meet their unique training needs.

A Much-Needed Solution

We obtained CAD files of the customer's femoral broach, which represented the average patient size. Fitting these files to the hip model ensured proper compatibility. Upon collecting the relevant information, we successfully designed a hip training model that could then be 3D printed.

To remove the femoral head and prepare the canal for broaching, we used the surgical technique guide and CAD files of the alignment guides. We produced a model where the proximal femur had space to slide the broach into the model during demonstrations.

In addition, we merged the broach shape with the remaining femoral head. The customer can remove the head and replace it with the actual broach whenever needed. With our standard hip soft tissues around the bones, the joint is mobile and can be used to highlight their unique surgical procedure.

Driving Results That Make an Impact

The model will be a vital tool for the company's sales team, as it effectively demonstrates all the features of their innovative hip surgery retractor system. Since the channel is pre-broached, the sales team does not need to schedule a lab, use a traditional cadaver, or carry a full set of instruments when traveling.

Through this efficiency, the sales representatives can effectively demonstrate and educate surgeons about the value of their cutting-edge technology for the procedure anytime and anyplace.

Our unwavering commitment to helping our clients provide surgeons with the finest surgical tools is driven by a vision of enhancing outcomes. With SurgiSTUD's dedication to innovation, quality, and collaboration, surgeons can perform with confidence, efficiency, and precision.

Contact us today if you're interested in a custom hip model or any other orthopedic STUD for your training program, product development, or sales.

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