Rib Cage Models

A Game-Changing Solution for Sternal Support After Open-Heart Surgery

Our customized, durable rib cage model helps one client showcase their Sternal Closure Technology. 

Our client approached us with a new sternal closure device for stabilization post-sternotomy. They needed a durable, flexible rib cage model that could be used for surgical training. We were up to the challenge of making an impact on such a vital surgical field.

 A Challenge to Overcome

Our custom rib cage model was born out of the need to stabilize the sternum post-cardiac surgery. In order to provide the optimal simulation of sternal closure post-open heart surgery and give our client more ways to showcase their product, it had to be easier and more economical to transport than a cadaver.

A Much-Needed Solution

We knew we had to design a specially tailored rib cage model to meet each of these specific needs. Our traditional torso model focuses on the spine, but for the first time, we removed the spine and focused on the rib cage. Removing the spine gave the model a flat back, so it would not roll or move on an operating table.

In order for the client to demonstrate how their tool significantly helps with sternal closure, we made the surgical training model with a sternotomy already performed. After all, the emphasis of our client’s product is what happens after surgery. Furthermore, because the sternotomy was already simulated, we made the model strong enough, yet flexible so that the rib cage could be manipulated as needed to demonstrate closing without breaking. Because of its durability, it can withstand the physical stress of repeated closures and demonstrations.

Driving Results That Make an Impact 

Our surgical training model allows our customer to showcase their sternal closure device at trade shows and training labs. In a field where technology is constantly moving forward, this model will help our client set a new standard for post-operative recovery. Working with our innovative and creative clients who are committed to improving lives always reinforces the significance of our custom models. These models reflect the strides that medical innovation has made, and they also illustrate our readiness to help them push the boundaries even further.

Despite the challenge of creating a brand-new anatomical model from scratch, our team was able to deliver within 2 months. Our SurgiSTUD surgical training model is more cost-effective and practical than using cadavers and helps our customer take their demonstrations directly to their audience. Being confined to wet labs for their demonstrations is no longer a concern.

Every improvement and opportunity to enhance skills with new technology instills a new level of confidence, ultimately resulting in better patient outcomes. As we embark on a journey toward a future filled with medical advancements and transformative innovations, our custom surgical training models play a crucial role in transforming healthcare education.

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