Bilateral Hip Replacement Training as Mixed Reality Meets Custom STUDs

Bilateral Hip Replacement Training as Mixed Reality Meets Custom STUDs

Our custom bilateral hip model for surgical training with distal leg attachments serves multiple needs for a unique training platform. 

Due to the shortage and limitations of cadavers, mixed reality platforms are becoming increasingly popular for surgical training. Customized, consistent synthetic models enable surgeons to train specialized surgeries more easily and cost-effectively. This includes detailed orthopedic hip and leg surgeries. As a result, surgeons are able to hone their skills and gain more confidence, resulting in better surgical outcomes. 

Our passion at SurgiSTUD is to revolutionize how surgeons train in order to improve patients' lives. So, when a company approached us about creating a hip model to integrate with an upcoming mixed-reality platform, we were eager to get involved. 

A Challenge to Overcome

Currently, our standard anatomical hip model (HipSTUD) only includes the left side of the anatomy and ends above the distal femur condyles. Our client needed a full bilateral hip that included the distal portion of the leg.

 In addition to integrating the hip model with the mixed reality platform, they also needed a pelvis-to-toe model to integrate with a number of surgical tables. Two distinct needs, both requiring quick turnaround for use and display at a national tradeshow.

 We were faced with the challenge of adding right-side anatomy to our hip model and finding a way to also present the distal leg in detail. We had to innovate, update and build upon our existing model to meet our client’s needs quickly and accurately. 

A Much-Needed Solution

In order to solve this problem, we expanded the hip anatomy to the right side while ensuring the pelvis and stand attachments match our current stand design. As soon as the hip and pelvis were in place, we looked for a solution to the additional needs that would be efficient and allow us to deliver the product within the deadline. By fitting distal leg attachments into the hip model, the client could achieve both objectives.

 We created these attachments to feature an articulating knee joint, the tibia, and an articulating ankle with foot bones. In order to allow interchangeable hip or knee attachments, we utilized the same attachment technology we use on our knee model. Because each surgical training model requires customization according to specific training needs. We design our SurgiSTUD models to adapt to our customer's requirements.

 Driving Results That Make an Impact

With our client's necessities and our development capabilities aligned, we delivered a mixed-reality-ready surgical hip model, with a distal leg option for use with cutting-edge surgical tables. Moreover, the bilateral hip design allows our client to help surgeons practice total hip arthroplasty on either side. This model and its attachments provide a huge range of options for types of surgeries, making it an extremely flexible, yet consistent and reliable, surgical training tool

In just over a month after ordering, our client had two fully comprehensive bilateral hips with leg attachments on display at the national tradeshow. We're proud of the model's multi-use and its ability to expose surgical trainees to new scenarios with less cost and more convenience than cadaveric specimens.

In the hands of our client, this model will provide realistic, high-quality training for years to come. Our client also recognized cost savings over a one-time-use, traditional cadaver as well as the ability to do multiple training engagements with the development of the customized HipSTUD bilateral hip model. 

To learn more about how SurgiSTUD can help you with custom surgical training models, contact us today. We’re eager to hear your idea!

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