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Improving Long-Term Outcomes of Total Hip Arthroplasty

We are proud to introduce our new SurgiSTUD hip model, designed to transform revision surgeries on patients with total hip arthroplasty (THA) implants.

Total hip arthroplasty is a critical procedure for patients suffering from hip pain. Still, complications can arise, and post-surgery revisions may become necessary to ensure that patients receive the relief they deserve.

When a customer approached us about a custom hip model, we knew it would be a great chance to help surgeons gain confidence in their revision surgeries: not only in their own techniques, but also in the tools and implant sets used. We worked with their teams to create a model to address all the challenges seen in revision THA cases. We wanted to provide a comprehensive solution: allowing for the testing and training of new revision implants and techniques while utilizing existing THA implants. 

Our new synthetic hip model offers unparalleled versatility and adaptability for revision THA cases. By incorporating feedback from orthopedic surgeons and their teams, we designed a model that simulates a wide range of complex scenarios encountered in revision surgeries. This allows surgeons to fine-tune their skills and techniques, and test and evaluate new implants in a risk-free environment. Furthermore, our model is fully customizable to meet the specific needs of each surgeon and patient, ensuring optimal outcomes and patient satisfaction. 

A challenge to overcome: 

Our customer had a unique request for a hip model that went beyond our standard STUDs. They needed a comprehensive boney hip that had already undergone THA, and also included key soft tissue anatomies to train surgical approaches and techniques for the insertion or placement of implants. This was a significant challenge for us, as it required a level of customization and precision that was not available in our existing off-the-shelf models.

To meet our customer's needs, we collaborated closely with their team to develop a complete and unique prototype that combined hip, femur, existing implants, and cuts made in prior THA surgeries. We started with our standard hips and reviewed them with the customer. Building on those features, we then created a prototype that matched our customer's specific requirements.

 A much-needed solution: 

Using our patented 3D printed boney and soft tissues, we created a flexible and consistent platform that can be used in multiple scenarios. We incorporated features that differentiated THA implants under different visualization and types of imaging. This allowed for a comprehensive testing and training experience, enabling surgeons to fine-tune their skills and techniques with confidence.

The soft tissues we included in the model give the customer and their trainees a feel for placing their plate onto the femoral surface exactly as it would feel in a real surgical scenario. This added a more dimension to the training experience: allowing surgeons to develop a greater level of tactile awareness and precision in their surgical procedures.

 Driving results that make an impact: 

We are thrilled to have provided our customer with a comprehensive synthetic model that can be adapted to multiple applications and environments. The model is a flexible and consistent platform that can be used to facilitate the development of new products, test existing plate systems with a variety of THA implants, and train surgeons and demonstrate new surgical techniques and tools. Without a doubt, it will help refine THA revisions leading to better patient outcomes and increased standards of care.

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