Taking Surgical Training Anywhere with Magnetic Anatomy Set

Taking Surgical Training Anywhere with Magnetic Anatomy Set

Our built-to-order STUD, Surgical Training & Utility Device, with magnetic parts trains knee surgeries anywhere

Synthetic surgical models have made training easier and more accessible than ever before, but certain environments still limit what can be done practically. We’re proud to work closely with medical device companies to create custom STUDs that let them demonstrate and train products outside of cadaver labs – including convention centers, office spaces, and more. But what happens when training demands power tools?

 In orthopedics, knee surgeries are extremely common, and as technology advances, medical device developers need to find broader ways of reaching surgeons for training. This was the problem a certain customer faced when they approached us.

 A Challenge to Overcome

 Cadaveric training is intensely limited and due to cadavers' varied nature, it’s not a consistent training platform. It’s also much slower to train many surgeons in a cadaver lab than anywhere else. Our SurgiSTUD models have aided surgeon training in casual environments like hotels and even restaurants, but these aren’t appropriate environments for the full range of tools and instrumentation involved in knee surgery.

 Our customer asked us to create a custom knee model that could be used as an accurate and repeatable platform for training their instrumentation in any environment. To enable our customer to hold demonstrations virtually anywhere, we needed a way to perform simulated knee surgery without using a sagittal saw or other disruptive tools. The surgical training models would allow them to reach more surgeons, in more places, especially since it can be reused.

 A Much-Needed Solution

 We built a knee model, precut to fit our customer’s specific implants. Every part of the knee’s boney anatomy that is touched during surgery is magnetic. The bone can be operated on sliver by sliver and put back together with magnetic joints. Using the SurgiSTUD knee model does not require noisy tools or specific lab requirements, allowing even more adaptable situations for surgeon and surgical technologist training. Additionally, every SurgiSTUD model is made to feel lifelike and prioritizes precise instrumentation techniques in practice.

 A model like this can be used in any casual and accessible environment without distracting others on site. Because it’s reusable, it can be reassembled and used time and again for additional demonstrations and surgical educational sessions. Now our customer can easily place their products in the hands of more skilled surgeons.

 Driving Results That Make an Impact 

We believe that when we work together, MedTech companies have boundless potential to improve patients' lives. Surgery plays a huge role in this for many people. As surgical technologies develop, surgeries become more effective. And as more surgeons train in new techniques, better surgeries become widely available.

 Our magnetic knee model is part of a ripple effect that will grow into a wave of surgical benefits for patients suffering from pain and mobility issues. 

Customize your own STUD solution or Contact us today to see the major difference over existing cadaveric and synthetic training options!

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