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Revolutionizing Pelvic Trauma Training with SurgiSTUD's Advanced Solutions

Pelvic ring fractures are a profound and intricate injury involving the pelvis and sacrum. The ramifications for patients are severe: debilitating pain, constrained mobility, hospitalization, surgery, and a lifelong journey toward recovery.

Given the severity of these injuries, various surgical approaches, tools, and techniques are required. Orthopedic surgeon training and understanding of each surgical solution are critical. Only the finest interventions can ease life-long consequences and provide better outcomes.

To address the need for surgical tech training and MIS training in each procedure, our customer approached SurgiSTUD to create a synthetic training device that facilitates surgical practice in pelvic ring fracture treatment. We knew this project would have a significant impact on patients' lives, and we were excited to jump in.

A Challenge to Overcome

Recognizing the need to ensure hands-on training with each different procedure, one of our valued customers approached us to create a synthetic simulator capable of facilitated practice in addressing pelvic ring trauma. This simulator needed to accommodate surgeons with diverse levels of clinical experience and provide a realistic correction/stabilization experience.

A Much-Needed Solution

To meet our client's needs, SurgiSTUD designed a comprehensive anatomical model spine and hip model that extends from T1 to the distal femur. For consistency, the trauma is pre-built into the synthetic bone model.

This human anatomy model includes a thoracolumbar spine, an articulating pelvis, and bilateral femurs, all constructed with our patented realistic 3D human model technology. We tailored bone quality and sizing to meet the needs of our customer's most frequent patients. This greatly benefits clinical education teams by offering them pertinent hands-on experience before entering the operating room.

Driving Results That Make an Impact

Through our synthetic cadaver, surgeons can learn new stabilization techniques, surgical approaches, and toolsets without being restricted to limiting cadaveric labs.

SurgiSTUD is setting new standards in orthopedic surgeon education and training. Our mission is to revolutionize training to ensure surgeon familiarity with procedures and tools. This synthetic human cadaver showcases our dedication to enhancing medical practice and improving patient outcomes. By empowering surgeons with the necessary skills and confidence, this model will enable excellence in the intricate field of pelvic ring trauma surgery.

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